Associate Masashi Nagahori

During my student years, as I traveled around the world, I was deeply impressed to see Japanese products and works widely loved, and I experienced firsthand the way Japanese culture beguiles people. Motivated by this experience, I have been involved in services that distribute Japanese content, including anime, both domestically and internationally, aiming for the further spread of Japanese culture. However, in recent times, as "diversity" is advocated, I paradoxically feel the world moving towards a single standardization. In such a monochrome world, what truly matters is the radiant uniqueness that sets us apart from others. I am convinced that startups originating from Japan, with their distinct history and culture as a backdrop, can provide that innovation. Together, let's lead to a new dawn, bringing accelerated growth and brilliance to a world becoming uniformly colored!

Mr. Nagahori worked on projects related to data strategy and utilization for clients primarily consisting of listed companies after joining PwC consulting as a new graduate in 2017. From 2020, he was stationed in the New Business Strategy Division of a CyberAgent Group company, where he engaged in launching and growing six new businesses. In April 2024, he transferred to CyberAgent Capital and began working as a venture capitalist. He is a graduate of Keio University's Faculty of Law.

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