Partner / Director Takashi Kitao

100 years ago, great men tried changing Japan at the end of the samurai period. Now, through the Internet, people who are called “ startup," tried to change the world. Even after shifting from startup management as an entrepreneur in Latin America to support for startups throughout Asia, my ideals have not changed: It is my mission to work with entrepreneurs to help solve the world's issues and deliver a brighter tomorrow. Let's work together to build services that will stand the test of time and will earn the admiration of people in all corners of the world!

Mr. Kitao joined CyberAgent Capital(CAC) in 2016. As CEO, he founded ENVROY MENIKA in Mexico in 2013 and created businesses to import and sell Clean-Tech products and to support Japanese companies which would enter into Mexican market. Mr. Kitao is a graduate of Osaka University, department of economics.

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