Head of Shenzhen Office Yi Yang

Motivation and enthusiasm can not overcome difficulties to succeed. But if you really like what you do, and if you have a strong desire to continue your business, I think you will overcome the difficulties. I would like to achieve the dream together with the entrepreneurs who have a strong will, and would like to do our best to support. I have been involved in various O2O sectors in China including real estate and tourism. In addition to them, I am currently focusing on cloud funding and hardware startups with taking advantage of the fact I am in Shenzhen.

Ms.Yang started her career at a large tourist agent in Japan. While at the company she was in charge of inbound marketing activity for Chinese tourists visiting Japan. Then she moved to an Internet advertizing agency in Tokyo. She was responsible for working with Chinese Internet media and for consulting activity for Japanese companies who want to launch their serives into the Chinese EC market. In November 2010, she joined to CyberAgent Capital. She is currently engaged in investments in Guangdong area. Ms.Yang is a graduate of Sichuan University, department of Japanese.

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