Head of Taiwan Office Alice Fang

I am responsible for Taiwan market, and the following messages are mainly for Taiwan startups. Team's ability of execution is the key factor for VC's investment decision making. Strong teamwork and appropriate ownership arrangement for each team member is quite important. When company is at early stage, for financial side, should not focus on revenue, but should always care about cash flow. For marketing side, startups in Taiwan should go global after becoming the biggest player for a certain service in the Taiwan market. Finally, CEO needs to focus two major tasks: find money meaning to keep relationship with investors, and find people keeping recruit talents for a company’s growth. I follow all types of internet business in Taiwan, especially for mobile commerce, O2O, and advertising.

Ms.Fang joined CyberAgent Capital in December 2010 and has been in the venture capital industry for 15 years.? She started her VC career in a consulting company in Taiwan, then joined one of major Japanese VC companies in 2000.? From 2000 to 2010, she mainly engaged Taiwan and Mainland China’s IT and Internet related industries, completing 17 investments with a record of 6 IPOs including iPartment.tw. Ms.Fang is a graduate of Toledo University in the United States with MBA.