Science Accelerator Yusuke Narita

Assistant Professor at Yale University
Specially appointed associate professor at Hitotsubashi University
Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University
CEO, Jinchi Corporation

His field of expertise is remodeling business and public policy by utilizing algorithms.
He has been engaged in a variety of collaborative research projects and joint businesses with multiple organizations including CyberAgent, ZOZO, UWC ISAK Japan, and The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), and provided support for numerous business developments of organizations from the fields of education to advertising by making full use of data. His expertise in accelerating data is expected to lead startups to exponential growth.

CyberAgent: Designed AI digital advertisement delivery and constructed the system of performance prediction and measurements of effectiveness.
ZOZO: Developed the algorithms in coordinating and recommending outfits.
ISAK: Supported social entrepreneurs and leaders of public education pursuing innovative models of education.
RIETI: Participated in the project driving public policy by utilizing data and evidence.
Dr. Narita feels a sense of closeness to venture companies since his younger brother, Mr. Shuzo Narita, is the Vice President and COO of our investee, CrowdWorks, Inc. He was involved in QuantCo, the startup expanding its business throughout Europe and the United States, as a shareholder, inspired by the chaotic rapid growth of the venture companies. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, and after completing a graduate course there, earned his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).