Please be aware of phishing sites posing as our company.

We are currently aware of a phishing site posing as our company. Please note that these sites are completely unrelated to our company, and accessing these sites is dangerous as your personal information may be stolen and you may be subjected to fraudulent activities (phishing scams).


Please do not enter your ID or password into any fake websites.
Countermeasures and case studies on phishing can be found at the following website.

Homepage of the Council of Anti-Phishing Japan

What is “Phishing”?

They send out e-mails pretending to be from real companies such as banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc., and make people access fake websites that look just like the real thing, thereby stealing various important information.

Phishing is a malicious crime in which a third party uses the information to make a purchase on a shopping site or withdraw money from an account.

Examples of important information you will be asked to enter

・Credit card and cash card numbers and PINs
・Login IDs and passwords for auctions, online banking sites, etc.
・Address, name, phone number, etc.